Our ISO 9001 certification enables us to retrieve data from the most popular and sometimes rare models of hard drive.​


Using the most advanced tools, this guarantees us the best results and offers our clients a major advantage to deliver a consistently high level of data recovery.


We are confident in our abilities to recover your data where others have failed.



Data Recovery Services

Most companies today rely on their main servers to house sensitive information regarding their business operations and to maintain client data.  


As such, the logical or physical loss of such data can have dire consequences and ultimately financial implications.




                        Our team


​Our expertise spans some 10 years of developing and implementing

disaster recovery strategies for respective companies.

As project managers, systems developers and software engineers,

we have assisted a wide variety of organisations to minimize their

lost of revenues by delivering rigorous and proven data recovery strategies. 


After an initial consultation with one of our diagnostic specialists,

a plan of action will be outlined and documented for your approval.

We offer a prompt service with minimum turnaround times, where

client data can be restored and encrypted (where necessary) using our secure data storage facilities.

 All client data is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and our staff will execute their activities with the utmost care and confidence to provide maximum data recovery. We continuously monitor the latest technologies to ensure our staff can offer the most effective and timely solution to your data recovery needs. 


Our ongoing commitment to customer service remains a top priority - to deliver a first-class service and ensure our customers' operations can resume full service in the shortest possible time.