Hard Drives

Logical faults

There are various types of problems that can occur usually it be easily fixed but you will need professional help in that case you have to sent your media to a data recovery company.

Electronic Failure

It happens when you plug incorrect power to your external caddy and it does damages the Electronic Circuit Board, and some times they even further damages.

We deal with so many tipes of hard drive brands and individuals alike  when they have damaged electronic circuit boad, they choose to search for a exact match, depend on the type of hard drive sometimes it does work, but most of the times it will not work.


Most companies today rely on their main servers to house sensitive information regarding their business operations and to maintain client data.  


As such, the logical or physical loss of such data can have dire consequences and ultimately financial implications.


Raids is complex set of Units that can also fail, therefore one needs to pay extra attention in keeping running smoth, by having a correct rack in the right environment conditions (ex humidity), with set of fans to keep cool, so all the necessary precautions to maintained it.



Q: What happens when we receive your hard drive or any other devices??

After an initial consultation with one of our diagnostic specialists,

a plan of action will be outlined and documented for your approval.

We offer a prompt service with minimum turnaround times, where

client data can be restored and encrypted (where necessary) using

our secure data storage facilities.

 All client data is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and our

staff will execute their activities with the utmost care and confidence

to provide maximum data recovery. We continuously monitor the latest

technologies to ensure our staff can offer the most effective and

timely solution to your data recovery needs. 


Our ongoing commitment to customer service remains a top priority -

to deliver a first-class service and ensure our customers' operations

can resume full service in the shortest possible time.