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When are dealing with a damaged hard drive in most cases its because customer drop their external, unplug/plug in the wrong power supply to the external caddy or other faults. 


Logical Faults

All sort of problems with drive from firmware, virus, to data deletion. So you need software's to handle this kind of work


Physical Faults 
This happens when you plug incorrect power to your external caddy and it does damages the Electronic Circuit Board, and some times they even further damages.




RAID 0 configuration

We have reapired and recovered data different types of RAID's from 0, RAID1, and RAID5 including other models such JBOD. Specially with RAID it does involve a lot work to retrieve the data.




Disk Order – Is to find out the right order of each disk is positioned in order to have access to the working data.

Starting offset – Is to determine the correct location where the sector 0 starts on array of disks.

Block Size - It is important to find the right (block size) stripe size on any RAID array

The drive starts to make clicking sound, buzzing sound, this what we would recommend a data recovery professional would say, just stop powering your external caddy, you're just making the matter worst.


A physical damages such as drop Laptop, Water damaged can interfere with your hard drive